Driving visitor engagement with real-time data-driven insights
and content to boost customer satisfaction and profits.

visitors sign-up

Use your existing WiFi, or install our state-of-the-art High Density WiFi to maximise ROI and the user experience.

Ensure everyone gets the service they need on the day, no matter how large the crowd.

Incentivise people to sign-up to your HD WiFi using our Captive Portal and provide them the personalised media-rich services that are becoming must-haves at malls, cruise ships, airports, aircraft, stations, concert venues and stadia.

visitors engage

Augment your mobile site with our location based services and push personalised, contect sensitive merchandising and F&B offers to your visitors.

Or use our mobile app platform to deliver your branded site with Content Streaming, Payments, Geofencing, Social Media, Gaming and Betting

Increase 'stickiness' by rewarding loyal fans using our unique RewardU service.

you monetise

Offset the investment in HD WiFi by giving fans the experience they (and sponsors) will gladly pay for, driving up revenue.

Use our airlytics portal to understand your visitors, monitor the impact of improvements you have made, and monetise the data.

Turn each visitor into a brand advocate and keep them and their friends coming back for more!

do I need to improve my wifi network?

Venue wireless networks MUST evolve to meet the rapidly rising expectations of visitors for improved coverage and innovative services. However, most WiFi networks promise much, but fail to deliver HD coverage, effective applications, or accurate location based services…

install our HD wifi - offset the costs

There is no need to get left behind as Tes Media Group can help you develop a commercial model that will offset the costs of installing HD WiFi.

the way people consume live entertainment has changed forever

The smartphone is ever-present at today’s entertainment venues and live events.
Our branded apps and mobile platform provide a channel to engage and monetise this.


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